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Raw Rice



Manufacturing Process

Unlike the production of other snacks, rice cracker is the result of time and effort. In order to produce the highest quality “Arare”, for Japanese name, more than two weeks of complicated preparation of raw materials, base dough, cut dry and roast must be undertaken. The result is snack that is unique in its texture, nourishing in its ingredients and versatile in its consumption.

The manufacturing & production process of rice crackers at Thai-Nichi Industries Company Limited are as followed

1. Steaming & Aging
Refine the best selected rice into base dough and keep in degree temperature room for two nights.
2. Cutting
After two nights the base dough is cut into required size and shape.
3. Baking & Roasing
Bake and roast in both traditional and down secret recipes. We do not fry so it is fat free.
4. Flavoring
Flavor the crispy rice cracker with best selected ingredients to ensure that our rice cracker is tasty and healthy.
5. Quality Controlling
Quality is what we do care most to ensure our customers will always get the best products they deserve for.
6. Packing
Rice cracker is packed with high technology packing machine that preserves its crisp and crunch.
7. Loading
From the beginning to the end, we do with care for you to enjoy the perfect shapes and size of rice cracker as always.

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Raw Rice

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