Frequently Asked Questions

What snacks do you have?

Please see our product page. New items are updated regularly.

How many bags/carton? Packs/carton? Grams/bag?

It depends on what product you are refering to but our retail

Do you a delivery price based on location?

We usually do FOB and CIF. Please give us your location and email, we will contact you back.

I am interested in being your agent in my area.

Please provide us your contact; name, location, email, item you are interested in representing us.

What is your office hours?

Our office hours: Monday to Thursday 8-18.00, Friday and Saturday 8-17.00 Thailand time.

I am interested in being your supplier.

Please contact our Purchasing department or leave your email for us here.

I am interested in doing marketing for you.

Please contact our Mrketing department or leave your email for us here.

I am interested in working in your company.

Please contact our HR department or leave your email for us here.

Do you have intern program?

Yes we do, please contact our HR department:

What is your main raw materials?

Our main raw material is Sticky Rice or Glutinous Rice.

What certificates does the company have?

These are the certificates we have:

What is BRC?

British Retail Consortium, please go to this link defining BRC:

Do you have Halal?

Yes we do

What is Kosher?

Please follow this link to see what is Kosher:

What is Sedex?

Please follow this link to see what is Sedex:

Do you have all natural/organic products?

Yes we do but we also have minimum order for each products that wants to be all natural or organic.

I am interested in doing OEM from you.

Please leave your contact information and we will contact you back soon

Where is your company located?

Lamphun, Northern part of Thailand

What country does your company export to?

We export to most of the continents

What is your H.S. code for rice crackers?

Depending on what types of rice cracker, please provide us with a reference image. Usually our H.S. code is 19051000

Can I have your product specifications?

Please contact our sales and marketing department or leave your email here

Do you produce this product? (please provide picture)

Please provide pictures

Can you copy a product for us?

Please provide pictures in chat or contact by email.

Is your product NON GMO?


Is your product Gluten Free?


What is your lead time?

As of now, 3 months

I want to ask additioanl questions.

Please contact ou sales and marketing team via email or you can leave your email here.